Besides the European windows with thermal conductivity ratio up to 0.77 W/m2K, the company currently also manufactures Scandinavian windows with thermal conductivity ratio of up to 0,9 W/m2K.

6 different openings are available.

For the moment we are the only company in Estonia manufacturing Scandinavian windows.

We offer the Nordline profile at a reasonable price.

Nordic, bright, warm and safe.

Nordline provides optimum heat insulation and soothing stillness in your walls. The latest window technology provides the highest degree of security against break-ins and protects your property from unwelcome guests – all this in the beautiful Nordline design. Combine aesthetics with outstanding system characteristics.

Nord-line – advantages for you:

  • Frame depth 120 mm; Sash depth 70 mm
  • Heat insulation characteristics for the standard combination Uw=1,2/m2K
  • Heat insulation characteristics with triple glazed unit Uw=0,9/m2K
  • Glazing thickness up to 40 mm
  • Modern design thanks to rounded edges
  • Covered, non-visible drainage possible
  • 4 and 5 chamber systems as standard version
Glass(Size Glass)Ug(glass)Uw (window)
Double glass24mm1,1 W/m2KUw=1,2/m2K
Triple glass40mm0,6 W/m2KUw=0,9/m2K
  • Double glazing unit with the width of 24mm – 2k 4-16-4LowE+arg – Ug=1,1 W/m2K, overall window Uw=1,2 W/m2K
  • Triple glazing unit with the width of 40mm – 3k 4LowE-14TGU-4-14TGU-4LowE+arg – Ug=0,6 W/m2, overall window Uw=0,9 W/m2K