PVC windows with elegant design will keep your home warm and serve as the interior decoration.

Considered a classical design among other systems. Elegant profiles of Ideal 7000 MD Classic Line have a pronounced classical line and soft contours. Due to the width of the mounting section of 85 mm, they meet all the requirements of construction projects where large window structures with higher resistance ratio are required. The System Ideal 7000 MD Classic Line has a 6-chamber profile in order to ensure a decent performance value of heat transfer resistance ratio.

Facts concerning Ideal 7000 MD Classic Line:

  • Mounting width of a profile 85 mm
  • Profile has 6 chambers
  • Increased R-value – perfect thermal insulation
  • Intelligent sealing concept with up to three end-to-end sealing levels
  • Ideal protection against forced entry (specify security fittings when ordering)
  • Excellent statics for large windows
  • Along with white-colored profiles, we offer laminated profiles with decorative films
  • Ecologically sound! Manufactured without any lead. Also, recommended for use in children and medical facilities.

More and more customers have started to order the more expensive 6 chambered Ideal 7000 MD Classic Line windows from us. The following glazing units can be used with these windows:

Glass(Size Glass)Ug (glass)Uw
Double glazing24 mm1,1 W/m2K1,17 W/m2K
Triple glazing44 mm0,6 W/m2K0,82 W/m2K
Triple glazing48 mm0,5 W/m2K0,76 W/m2K
  • Double glazing unit with the thickness of 24mm – 2k 4-16-4LowE+arg – Ug=1,1 W/m2K, overall window Uw=1,17 W/m2K
  • Triple glazing unit with the interior plastic insulation strip, with thickness of 44mm – 3k 4LowE-16TGU-4-16TGU-4LowE+arg – Ug=0,6 W/m2, overall window Uw=0,82 W/m2K
  • Triple glazing unit with the interior plastic insulation strip, with thickness of 48mm – 3k 4LowE-18TGU-4-18TGU-4LowE+arg – Ug=0,5  W/m2K, overall window Uw=0,76 W/m2K