Terraces and porches represent an efficient way to increase living space. They bring you closer to nature by joining the inside and the outside. Terrace glazing extends the usable time during colder months of the year and can make a terrace usable throughout the year with extra heating.

Aruhaus Terrace Glazing represents a simple and reasonably priced solution to achieve those very things.

Aruhaus Terrace Glazing is perfectly suited for private residences, apartment buildings, summer houses and also for cafes and outdoor restaurants.

Aruhaus Terrace Glazing system is easily operable, strongly built and without vertical frames. The panels can easily be opened and closed. The swivel panel at the side can be used as a doorway to
the garden and the entire wall can be easily opened to enjoy the outside.

The plastic components used in Aruhaus terrace Glazing systems are made from a weather and UV resistant plastic. Also, all the metal parts are made from stainless steel. Together, these two materials give the system a long life span.